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Welcome to the website. While I make a considerable effort to provide a personal and attentive service, you will find the staff to be competent and courteous. To let you know a little something about me, I left a corporate law environment a good many years ago and have been in private practice since. Over the years, I have been in partnerships as well as solo practice and for the most part have focused in the criminal defense and family law areas.

I have personally provided the written content with much of the website. On occasion, a staff member has provided it. In either instance, the site should convey an accurate overview involving the areas of my practice and allow you a better opportunity to determine if there is a need for our services.



Criminal defense may involve all kinds of issues ranging from dwi to murder. Criminal defense may also involve representing clients at probation or parole revocation  hearings. I have successfully defended clients wrongfully accused of dwi, possession of a controlled substance, sex crimes, assault, aggravated assault and murder, to name a few. Often times and depending upon the circumstances, a criminal case will require selecting a jury and going to trial. I have had a good deal of experience and success in jury trials.

Family law, on the other hand, can be a deeply disturbing and emotional time for an individual. Although at times difficult, it is very important to proceed through a family law matter in a respectful, calm and objective manner. This is especially true when children are involved. Everything in family law involving children revolves around what a court will consider to be in the child's best interests. While each attorney is different and "shark" like tendencies or "show boating" by a lawyer can look impressive in the eyes of a client, I have found that judges typically are far less impressed. Just as I would expect from you as a client, my style or approach in a family law setting is to proceed in a respectful, calm and objective manner - in an ongoing and persistent effort to protect your legal rights.

In addition to the office in San Antonio, I share another office at the McDonald Building, 410 Peoples Street, in Corpus Christi.

We can be reached at (361) 882-1280 at the Corpus Christi location.