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Child Custody

In family law,  Texas courts now presume it to be in the child's best interest to have both parents named joint managing conservators. The presumption may be negated, however, when appointing both parents jointly is not in the best interest of the child or children.

When both parents are named as joint managing conservators, only one parent will be allowed to establish the primary residence of the child. In addition, if both parents are actively involved in their child's life, the court will often times place geographic restrictions  on the parent who is permitted to establish the child's primary residence.  In other words, a parent who has been allowed to establish the primary residence of the child may not be permitted to freely move or relocate.

There is generally a host of issues involving custodial rights when spouses divorce and have children. These issues are typically emotionally gripping and mentally exhausting. Although courts favor both parents being named joint managing conservators and actively  involved in the child's life, there are some exceptions.

Attorney DAVD W. PHILLIPS and his staff will make every effort to take an objective, yet attentive and compassionate approach to assist a client in resolving these often times difficult custodial issues.