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Child Support

Child support is a monetary obligation that a court will order in support of children. The calculation in regard to the monetary obligation is based on the best interest of the child as well as the obligated parent's income. The calculation is also based on the number of children involved.

In calculating the amount of the obligation, it is important to determine the paying parent's net resources. Net resources of the obligated parent  include most types of income, less standard deductions, such as federal income tax withholdings, social security  taxes, health insurance premiums and union dues.

Based on the number of children, the child support is usually a percentage of the obligated parent's net resources:

 one child - 20% 
 two children - 25% 
 three children - 30%
 four children - 35%

The child support obligation is intended to be fair and reasonable.  As with most issues involving children,  the child support ordered by the court will be considered to be in the best interest of the child.

Attorney DAVID W. PHILLIPS and his staff will carefully review  and work diligently to ensure that a child support obligation, if applicable, is within the realm of reason as well as the law.