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Employment Law in Texas

Employment in Texas is conducted on an "at will" basis. In other words, employers may discharge their employees for almost any reason, as long as their conduct in terminating the individual is not unlawful.

Employment law litigation may include a number of different issues in regard to the work place. Sometimes, an employee may be wrongfully discharged from his job because of race, gender, age or other forms of discrimination. At times, an employee may be forced to leave a position because of a hostile or harassing work environment. Periodically, an employee may be wrongfully removed from his job when the employer breaches an existing employment contract.

In Texas, though not exclusive, the aforementioned would be some examples of unlawful reasons for an employer to terminate employment. If proven, the discharged or former  employee may be entitled to an assortment of remedies, including but not necessarily limited to a return to the position of employment, compensation for the  loss of wages and benefits, future earnings and mental anguish. Punitive damages may even be awarded in certain circumstances.

If you have been wrongfully discharged from your place of employment, contact DAVID W. PHILLIPS, Attorney. While we screen and evaluate these issues very carefully, if the decision is made to accept your case, our best efforts will be given to assist in adequately remedying your wrongful loss of employment.