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Family Law

Going through a divorce can be a terribly emotional and troubled time. It may be of comfort to know that judges tend to be fair and equitable in their rulings, especially involving children. Unless there is a clear and lawfully egregious reason, they will not "slam dunk" or favor either party when it comes to children, child support or property divisions.

Most judges are extremely careful to establish fair rulings and orders involving custody or possession, child support and marital property. The Family Code sets out many of these guidelines and standards, particularly those considered to be in the best interest of the child or children. Does this mean that you will get everything you want from a divorce? No, more than likely not - yet, neither will the other side.

In Texas, grandparents may also be entitled to certain rights involving access and sometimes even custody of children, depending on the circumstances. 

Contact our offices if you need assistance in proceeding through this difficult time, with a lawyer who is going to calmly and diligently work very hard to protect your legal rights and interests.