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Burden of Proof
probation revocation bexar county and nueces county, texas
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Breath or Blood Specimen
dwi in san antonio, dwi in corpus christi, texas
Grandparents' Rights in Texas
Grandparents' rights, custody of grandchildren, visitation with grandchildren,
Child Custody
child custody nueces county, child custody bexar county
Burden of Proof
proof beyond reasonable doubt in texas, burden of proof criminal case in texas, nueces county criminal case, bexar county criminal case
Federal Courts
federal crimes, drug trafficking, pornography, white collar crime in San Antonio and Corpus Christi
Employment Law in Texas
employment law in texas, wrongful termination in corpus christi, wrongful termination in san antonio, wrongful termination in nueces county, wrongful termination in bexar county, sex discrimination, race discrimination in bexar county, discrimination in bexar county, discrimination in nueces county
Criminal Law
San Antonio and Corpus Christi DWI, criminal law attorney
Parole Hearings in Texas
parole hearings in texas, up for parole texas, parole representation in texas
Child Support
nueces county child support, bexar county child support
Marital Property
marital property and divorce in san antonio, bexar county, corpus christi, nueces county, texas
Personal Injury in Texas
personal injury in texas, personal injury in corpus christi, personal injury in nueces county, personal injury in san antonio, personal injury in bexar county
Overseas Incarceration
lawyer for americans arrested abroad, americans jailed abroad, americans incarcerated abroad, americans incarcerated overseas, americans in foreign prisons, americans jailed abroad, americans in foreign prisons, americans arrested overseas, americans arrested in foreign countries
San Antonio and Corpus Christi DWI attorney
Probation and Parole Revocation
Probation and Parole Revocation in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, Nueces and Bexar County, Texas
Family Law
San Antonio, Corpus Christi, family law attorney
San Antonio, Corpus Christi divorce attorney
Other Areas
San Antonio Employment and Personal injury law in San Antonio
San Antonio attorney David Phillips